Snow White

Nordbahnviertel Wien

In cooperation with Hamonic + Masson


urban design

The high-rise stands at the hub of the development area, capturing sunlight with its slight curves and multi-sided orientation. The cut-ins and cut-outs in the floor plan and elevation frame the views and integrate the surroundings. In this way, these gentle transitions promote a dialogue with the urban space and a new urban landscape is created.

achieving optimal quality of life

The apartments with generous balcony sections and views over the city are grouped around the compact building core in a circular layout with staircase, elevators, and circular access. Socializing is essential for harmonious co-existence and a communal future. The communal terrace on the 2nd floor between the loft wing and the high-rise building, can be used to raise plants for the balconies in a glass house, to hold planting courses for urban gardening, or simply to celebrate summer parties.

facade design – protected from the elements

Snow White’s finely woven cloak: a skin of white sheet metal, which becomes increasingly delicate towards the top and acts as wind and weather protection, gently enveloping the body. The loggia-like openings are given a transparent perforated sheet with a high proportion of holes. Room dividers define the balcony to the neighbor and additionally break the wind.