syntax architecture

Brandmayerstrasse 2, Klosterneuburg/Weidling Niederösterreich 48°17'26.3"N 16°18'41.8"E

Our office is located on the first floor of the landmarked Villa Brunnenpark.

The fountain, which stands next to the villa, was created by the Karlsruhe sculptor Prof. Moest for the presentation of the Dyckerhoff and Widmann company at the Vienna World’s Fair of 1873. For the first time, a sculpture was made entirely of concrete (without reinforcement!) with the addition of Portland cement. Hi-tech at the end of the 19th century! The chemist and director of the Gas-Glühlicht Fabrik von Auer von Welsbach, Ludwig Haitinger acquired the fountain. At that time, he lived in this house together with his brother Max, who invented fluorescence microscopy. Innovation and creativity have always lived amongst these walls.