Fughafen Wien Schwechat, Niederösterreich 48°07'10.2"N 16°33'39.5"E

In the new Air Lounge at Vienna Airport, you can experience the ease of flying in a new way.
Differentiated usage zones are used to respond to the different requirements of the subject of “waiting”. These are defined by the arrangement of the furniture and by airy room dividers using permeable cord curtains, which also serve as illuminated objects.
The string curtains define, cloud-like, light spaces without obscuring the view. In front of the walls, in combination with mirrors, they help to lift the boundaries of the room. The light refracts like sunbeams on the fine structure of the threads. The breeze that arises in passing plays with the curtains like the wind with the clouds, bringing a new dimension to otherwise rigid interiors.
The “islands of use” are clearly recognizable. The space remains clear and comprehensible in its entirety, while at the same time a certain degree of privacy is created in the individual zones of the room.