fill in the gaps

Alleestraße 24b Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich 48°17'42.4"N 16°19'55.9"E

The redensification of cities, their outskirts and suburbs, represents an important urban development and political task in the coming years. The residential building with eight condominiums closes a gap in the open suburb. In the structure, row houses, multi-story apartments and a spacious penthouse, under the roof, are stacked on top of each other. Since there is a difference in height of one floor between the street and the garden, one enters the house on the first floor. From there an open staircase leads down to the entrances of the terraced houses. The apartments and the penthouse are accessed via a staircase, the elevator leads from the underground garage directly to the apartment under the roof. During planning, special attention was paid to compact, economical floor plans with high quality fittings. The white rendered building is structured by bay windows, dormers and porches with silver wooden cladding.