steep slope

Herman Pfordte-Gasse Klosterneuburg Weidling, Niederösterreich 48°17'35.7"N 16°18'00.3"E

The steeply sloping plot was cleverly used so that a flat piece of garden is created, the two old pine trees could remain and the house with its warm shiny wooden cladding bathes in light. Almost a third of the house is a library and, separated from the children’s area, is a working zone. From this client’s requirement, the customized bisection with the gorge-like access was developed. The two floors are separated from each other and at the same time internally permeable.
The two-story hall with the accessing stairwell is lit from above, breaking up the strictly rectangular configuration with a bold incision, and dividing the house into a west wing and an east wing. Sleeping, children, storage and building services are located downstairs. Kitchen, living room, library and office are upstairs. The lower floor has a direct exit to the garden, the upper floor has a spacious terrace opening the living room on the south side, and on the north side there is a room-wide exit to the garden. It is a house of generous gestures, which connects in dialogue with the grounds through the old pine trees.