hugging the garden

Reißgasse 2, Klosterneuburg Kierling Niederösterreich 48°18'34.8"N 16°16'40.5"

The kindergarten is situated on the downward slope to a creek in such a way that it incorporates the one-story height difference. The kindergarten is entered from the street on the first floor. In keeping with the local appearance, only one story is visible from the street. The facade is slightly set back and forms a small entrance courtyard.

In the building, which borders on the street to the north and opens to the garden towards the south, the children can experience nature, the weather and the changing of the seasons in a playful way. The secondary zones (coat rooms, bathrooms) convey order, while the group rooms stand for free play and allow for a variety of uses. The fragmented form creates visual relationships with the site, the garden and the adjoining groups.

A covered terrace in front of the group rooms makes it possible to take a few steps outside even in bad weather. It also protects against overheating and too much sunlight. Two staircases from the terrace on the upper floor lead to the play garden and ground.
The activity rooms are designed differently on the two levels: an open space on the garden floor, which can also be used as a theatre with its seating steps and dancing columns, plus the closed gym-like room on the top floor.