city and the mountain

Moosstraße 199, Salzburg/Obermoos Salzburg 47°45'08.8"N 13°01'05.0"E

Salzburg Obermoos Untersberg

The expanse of the moor, the mighty, dominant Untersberg and the nearby highway form the field of tension of the residential complex with a focus on assisted living.
Five buildings, each with a V-shaped inner courtyard that closes against the highway and opens onto the moor, are grouped on the site.

The first building from Moosstraße is in an urban context with the existing school for building construction. The residential café, the community room and the Caritas base are also located there. These rooms are oriented towards a public square, which forms the social center of the complex. A central path provides access to the other houses in a sequence of residential courtyards with squares, green spaces and private gardens. The closed access porch of the houses are arranged to form a sound barrier to the highway and allow sunlight from the south to enter the apartments. All apartments benefit from views of the surrounding landscape. The balconies were precast concrete elements suspended in front of the facade. The stepped, solid balustrades provide a balance of views and retreat. The focus of the complex is on assisted living. In order to create a good mix of residents, additional larger family-oriented apartments have been built for rent and ownership.

The sun windows – small square windows with yellow tinted glass – arranged on the front sides ensure a sunny mood even on the rainy days that are more frequent in this area.