roof house

Johann Gruber-Promenade 27-13 Königstetten, Niederösterreich 48°18'05.4"N 16°08'35.7"E

The barn with its economical gable roof shape is taken as the main theme for the design of the compact single-family house. Inside, the space under the roof becomes apparent – the living space extends with different levels over the entire height and thus appears spacious and flooded with light.

The main theme of the design: the archetype of a barn on the Hintaus (back (house) escape) with its clearly defined elements such as a gable roof, clear spatial forms, satisfaction of pure shelter needs and generous openings.
Towards the street, the house blends in with the existing buildings. Towards the garden, the roof is extended to the ground. Through a cut in the roof, the living space opens to a sheltered terrace, which is embedded in the garden at a slightly lower level, like another room. The large 3-paned telescopic sliding windows in the roof allow the interior to communicate with the surrounding landscape.
The level jump from the street to the garden results in 3 levels. From the entrance level, the view opens both into the living space and beyond to the surrounding Vienna Woods landscape. The staircase leads down to the living space and up to the private rooms and acts as a central connecting element.