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Otto-Bauer-Gasse 14, 1060 Wien Mariahilf 48°11'45.6"N 16°20'55.6"E

The most important design elements of the house, located not far from Mariahilfer Strasse, are the renovated oriel with hunting motifs made of zinc casting and the porch with an old terrazzo floor.
In the course of the facade renovation, the entrance with the oriel above it was optically combined on the street side and interpreted as a portal. In reference to the materiality of the oriel on the street side, the plinth zone and the veranda extending into the garden were given a facade with small-scale zinc diamonds. The existing bassena in the courtyard was restored and integrated into the new facade.
Since the windows had to be replaced to a large extent, an overall improvement of the climatic envelope and the HWBand a standard of 1.3 x low energy house standard was achieved.
The apartment of the beletage remained intact in its structure, except for a few interventions. The living room is visually connected to the large hallway via a double-sided fireplace. A wall shelf made of red colored fiberboard was designed as a connecting element for the multiple openings (doors, fireplace, niches). The porch is the link between the apartment and the garden. A glass skylight sets off the roof from the wall, and provides uniform lighting of the same. To enhance the impression of floating, frameless glazing with glazed corner and large sliding elements was implemented. A pleasant indoor climate is ensured by a wall heating system running throughout all the walls.