near the forest

Brandmayerstraße Klosterneuburg Weidling, Niederösterreich 48°17'25.7"N 16°18'43.9"E

Starting from the 16th century, construction has been going on on this site in the center of Weidling. First two wine cellars, then a winegrower’s house. In 1850, the vintner’s house became a villa through extensions and additions. Several outbuildings followed, such as barns, press houses and glass houses. Again and again these buildings are changed according to their purpose and the owners needs, also in 1969 when the barn with adjacent press house became a retirement residence.
The tradition of changing, adapting and expanding was continued and the house from the 60s was adapted and enlarged to meet today’s standards and way of life.

3 issues were paramount in this task:

How do you improve the quality of living in a late 60’s building attached to a landmarked mansion?
How to extend the house in order to achieve an ensemble with the existing building with the new cubature?
How do you open up the house to bring the very beautiful but very wooded ascending garden “into the house”?

We have worked very intensively on the existing building, the thermal renovation, its spatial potential and its expansion, the views from and into the building, as well as on the direction of the light. Three loggias frame the views from different living areas and link the exterior with the interior. The existing old trees close to the house are preserved.
Carefully selected surfaces and materials support the overall concept.
Existing old building elements and furniture are reused in the new context and establish a link to the history of the site.