steep curves

Dapontegasse/Dannebergplatz, 1030 Wien 48°11'53.3"N 16°23'24.2"E

Two-story roof conversion, partial renovation and structural strengthening of a corner building.
The area around Arenbergpark is characterized by largely preserved buildings from the late founding period and Art Nouveau. A flak tower is preserved in the park, and in the immediate vicinity of the property, the associated fire control tower. The flowing and rounded forms of the surroundings were adopted as the leitmotif of the roof form. Because of the existing high cornice, the rental apartments were designed as maisonettes. By setting back the lower level, a surrounding terrace is created, this forms a joint between the roof and the building. The bedrooms are located here. The upper level is formed by loft-like living areas with open kitchens and spacious roof terraces facing the inner courtyard.