DI Michael Barth

DI Michael Barth


Arch DI Michael Barth


State authorized and sworn civil engineer
Architect arb
Managing partner syntax architektur zt gmbh
Managing Partner Nestwerk Ziviltechniker GmbH

Michael Barth, long time expatriate, working for leading architectural firms such as Richard Rogers Partnership, Kohn Peterson Fox, Richard Horden and Baumschlager Eberle, enjoys cycling and running the marathon in 3:41. He is pragmatic, a good team player, open to new ideas and expert in very many areas far beyond architectural planning. Passionate about being a self-employed architect.

Since 2018 Member of the Section Board Architects of the Chamber of Civil Engineers.
2017 Member of the Urban Task Force for London
2015 Examination WKO, commercially certified property developer.
2014 Foundation of NestWerk Ziviltechniker GmbH, Real Estate Development
2010 Foundation of syntax architektur zt gmbh
2006 Foundation of syntax architektur + partner zt kg
2006 Member of the Federal Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers
2001 Member of ARB (Architects Registration Bord, UK)
1994 Diploma at the TU Vienna
1991 Scholarship for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA

Professional stations:

2001 – 2004 Baumschlager-Eberle-P.ARC, Vienna
VIE – Vienna lnternational Airport: Masterplan for the reorganization of the airport area and preparation of a development plan.
VIE – Vienna lnternational Airport:
1995 – 2001 Richard Rogers Partnership, London
Chiswick Park, London
Hesperia Hotel & Conference Centre L’Hospitalet Catalonia, Barcelona
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Solar City, Linz (in cooperation with Future Systems)
Seoul Broadcasting Centre, Seoul South Korea

1995 Richard Horden Associates, London
Layout and presentation design for the book ‘light tech’.
1995 Kohn Peterson Fox, London